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This page is a listening booth of the music of gKUSARI".

"KUSARI" music can be listening on audioleaf of KUSARI.

New mark 8th note mark Nitijyono kinenbi"("An everyday memorial day") 8th note mark

 8th note mark Jiyuuheno Tubasa (Wings to Freedom.) 8th note mark

8th note mark Munenihibiku (Your mind is muved.) 8th note mark

8th note mark Kotonoha (Words) 8th note mark

8th note mark Kiminimukau (I go to you) 8th note mark

 8th note mark Hikari (A ray of light) 8th note mark

8th note mark Harunosanpomiti (A promenade of the spring) 8th note mark

8th note mark Tamashiikomete (With all souls and,) 8th note mark

8th note mark Yumeno totyuu (In the middle of a dream) 8th note mark

8th note mark Arifureta Mainiti (Comon every day) 8th note mark

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